SilverHawks Information

I don't claim to know everything about this show. I watched it, but not every episode, so if you have more information to add, let me know!

The Origin Story

Evidently Stargazer and Mon*Star go way back. The first episode begins in the year 2839 with Commander Stargazer relaying to earth how Mon*Star, whom he had captured, escaped Penal Planet 10. Mon*Star, whose power is derived from the Moon*Star of Limbo Galaxy, freed his mob (and recaptured Skyrunner) to terrorize the galaxy.

Stargazer requested that earth send "some help," and earth agreed. However, although high-speed space transit was possible, normal humans couldn't withstand the rigors of it--only cyborgs ("partly metal, partly real"). Hence the SilverHawks project!

Real Names

Lt. Quicksilver---Lt. Johnathan Quick (former leader, Interplanetary Force 8)
Sgt. Steelheart---Sgt. Emily Heart
Sgt. Steelwill---Sgt. Will Heart
Copper Kid---a "volunteer from the 'Planet of the Mimes'" [What? Did we exile them there???]
Col. Bluegrass---Col. _________


Brin*Star---Mon*Star's base of operations, Brin*Star is conveniently situated by the Moon*Star, which is just a planet-tilt away.
Fence---where to go to fence stolen goods in Limbo
Hawk Haven---the SilverHawks' base of operations
Hot Licks---Bluegrass' name for Maraj's computer, which also doubles as an awesome audio synthesizer.
Hot Seat---Bluegrass' name for Maraj's cockpit, which can fly independent of the rest of the vehicle.
Maraj---The SilverHawks' means of transport, the Maraj is also the first craft capable of invisibility!
Moon*Star---"Moon*Star of Limbo! Give me the might, the muscle, the menace of Mon*Star!!!!!!"
Skyrunner---Mon*Star's armored space squid/transport
Starship Casino---Beyond the jurisdiction of the SilverHawks (the "Lightyear Limit"), Poker-Face's casino attracts all manner of riffraff.
Tally-Hawk---Partly metal, partly real, Tally-Hawk is a scout, spy satellite, and interceptor commanded by a wrist-panel (the green button calls him back).


1. Does it seem to anyone that Limbo isn't just "space?" There seems to be an atmosphere for everyone to breathe, and things can fall even when there's no planet nearby.

2. The Hawk-Haven toy was never produced since it was waaay too big and expensive.

3. The undercover informant in "The Backroom" has Wilykat's voice!

4. One of those "outtakes" floating around ThunderCats sites (they could originally be found at David St. Hubbins' site) is, in fact, from "The Backroom" episode of SilverHawks. The REAL scene has Mon*Star aiming his weapon at Steelheart and saying, "I'm going to put THIS one right between her pretty wings..."

5. Lion-O always said "sight beyond sight," but in SilverHawks, the narrator in the introduction mentioned this was a "time beyond time," and Mon*Star promised the prison guards "wealth beyond wealth" if they let him free.

6. Brin*Star? Is it just coincidence, or did they borrow that name from Nintendo's Metroid? Nah, probably just coincidence.

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