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Rankin-Bass/Lorimar Telepictures released "SilverHawks" as a follow-up to the popular ThunderCats series around 1986-87. I definitely remember watching the series pilot around that time, and Burger King had a promotional offer as well.

What you see here is "The Origin Story" [actually about 4 or 5 episodes], which I bought from a SunCoast Video store around 1995. The tape is brand-new and, incidentally, was released by Warner Bros. instead of Family Home Entertainment.

NOTE: For anyone interested in purchasing videos, I checked that local SunCoast store and some were released by Warner Home Video, yet at least one was released by Lorimar Home Video. Most of the tapes have only one episode, though, except for the Origin Story.

The comic book here is issue 6, which I purchased a few years ago. In it, Commander Stargazer starts feeling his years and goes back to earth (considering getting "refitted", like the first TV episode implies). While he's away, Mon*Star's mob attacks and, well, you get the idea.

This comic issue, #3, focuses on Bluegrass and a miner trying to save his claim. The "Clementine" song is reprised throughout the issue as a suggested tune for some new lyrics.

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