A SilverHawks Toy Commercial!

The commercial begins with a really nice "stop-motion" kind of introduction as a human Lt. Quick flies through the SilverHawks logo and becomes Quicksilver, accompanied by Tally-Hawk. The commercial introduces a scenario between two boys, though the boy playing with Mon*Star sounds like he had an older voice dubbed in. The commercial has the SilverHawks theme music in the background and focuses on Mon*Star, Sky-Shadow, Flashback, Stronghold, and Steelwill.

[Narrator]   Silverhawks, partly metal, partly real--mighty warriors with the
powers to protect space from all evil.

[voice 1]  "It's me, evil Mon*Star!"

Figures and attack bird sold separately.
Mon*Star and Sky-Shadow attack the SilverHawks:

[boy]  "Flashback, prepare for battle!"

Sky-Shadow grabs him and sucks him in, but then Stronghold flies to the rescue.

[boy]  "Activate Cyber Jaws."

Flashback escapes and the fight rages on!

[boy]  "Bombs away.  Where'd he go?"
[voice1]  "Ha! Gotcha!"
[boy]  "Not yet."
[voice 1]  "Stronghold and Steelwill!  Sky-Shadow and I will not be beaten!
[boy]  "Wanna bet?"

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