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Star Fox Products

Remember the good old days of the NES era, when Nintendo stars got licensed out to every product imaginable? You could find everything with a Nintendo license--from Shasta beverages to shampoo! In the late 1990s the same trend happened in North America with Pokemon. Yet how was StarFox treated? Comparatively poorly, in my opinion. Below are some of the more prominent StarFox products. (Sorry, none for sale.)

Super StarFox Weekend
Item Description
lapel pin (contest) The Super StarFox Weekend contest had several prizes, and every participant got a small lapel pin with the SF logo!
teeshirt (contest) A teeshirt was a prize in the competition as well. In my area everyone who got 70,000 or more points received one. It's black and features a red Nintendo logo and a Super FX logo on front. The back has a large StarFox logo with arwings under it. TRIVIA NOTE: This shirt has a 1992 copyright year even though the contest was held in 1993 shortly after the game (also copyrighted 1993) came out.
"flight jacket" (contest) Top-scoring players at each participating store location received a StarFox "flight jacket." It's black and has a contest logo on back. It's relatively thin and not a hyper-high-quality/expensive jacket. Someone tried to sell one on the eBay auction site some time ago for a starting price of $1,000, which is a total ripoff.

StarFox Items
Item Description
hanging display Nintendo of America used this to promote StarFox in stores.
teeshirt (catalog) Nintendo of America started the Nintendo Power Super Power Supplies Catalog back in 1993 shortly after SF came out. One product was another black teeshirt, but this one features the "core brain" (texture-mapped cube) from the final boss battle in course one.
competition game (catalog) Super StarFox Weekend itself was offered for sale in the first catalog for $45. That's a bit pricey for a short game, but still worth it for the serious collector!
personalized comic (catalog) One page from the SF comic series in Nintendo Power was available, framed, as a personalized comic. Original price: $12
calendar (catalog) A small calendar in the first catalog had a picture of Fox McCloud on one section.
arwing model (NP volume 44) The first subscriber-only January bonus issue of Nintendo Power had a thick paper arwing model you could put together. Mine's holding up well so far.
LCD game watch The SF LCD game watch was available in stores after a Kelloggs cereal promotion, hence there are two styles of watches. One features an earphone jack while the other has a smaller design. The game is the same in both cases, however. Very fun for such a small game!
trading card A simple cereal box promo from Kelloggs. Back side
soundtrack CD (Japan) Great CD!
Play it Loud (vol. 1) (NOA) This catalog CD has a few tracks from SF. One repeat.

StarFox 64 Items
Item Description
toy car The limited-edition Johnny Lightning SF64 car is pretty cool! Now if only I could have a REAL car like that (or, better yet, an arwing!). picture 2, picture 3
hanging display Nintendo of America used this to promote StarFox 64 in stores.
teeshirt (catalog) Another black teeshirt featuring the SF64 character models was offered.
player's guide (NP) Nintendo Power offered a player's guide for SF64.
Japanese Soundtrack CD Gratitude to Wolf for these pics from the Japanese StarFox 64 soundtrack CD! Track list part 1, Track list part 2, Track list part 3, Back of the case, The disc itself, Inside the case, Staff credits, And even stickers!
CD 1 The first SF64 soundtrack CD I found is licensed by Nintendo, but features very few tracks. picture 2, picture 3
CD 2 The second SF64 soundtrack CD I found is the official NOA-version. picture 2, picture 3
handheld "game" (Taco Bell) Taco Bell had a Nintendo64 promotion in the late 1990s and one product offered was some kind of handheld shooting game somehow related to SF64. I have NO idea how it's supposed to relate to the game. It's made of cheap plastic and the apparent objective is to squeeze the trigger to launch balls into a goal. Maybe mine just never worked right, but I try not to even think about it--I feel like it'll crack in half every time I pull the trigger, and it really doesn't do anything.
cards (NP) Nintendo Power published 8 SF64 cards in the back of one issue.
folders At least 2 folders were available in a few stores, lost among many other N64 folder styles. picture 1, picture 2