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On the lighter side, there are some fun things you can do with audio and video. First I chose to have fun with some of the MIDIs out there on vgmusic. By swapping patches around you can make ordinary MIDIs sound silly, and here are some mp3s of them. Also some fun with video. Enjoy!

Hunt for Red Foxtober (25 MB) Ever notice how well the ending of StarFox 64 goes with music from The Hunt for Red October?

Baby StarFox CorneriaBoss.mid This one is so wrong! I didn't even have to hack this one. I think it's just a quirk of my instrument set that the notes sound so childish.
Corneria Steel Drum Style CorneriaPiano.mid I never heard steel drums so fast before!
Corneria Sitar Style CorneriaPiano.mid Talk about a guru meditation error!
Corneria Musicbox Style CorneriaPiano.mid This sounds pretty nice.
Corneria Koto Style CorneriaPiano.mid Somehow I never pictured a koto being played so fast either!
Tetris B on Steel Drums tetrisB.mid Steel drums make everything sound fun!
Castlevania in Jamaica Cv4-st1.mid Steel drums replaced the oboe and other creepy instruments to provide a silly remix. This is what happens when Dracula visits the Caribbean?