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Tricks for StarFox

Corneria (Course 3): You can "turn off" the sounds of the Destructor Tank on Corneria, course 3, by pausing, then unpausing the game. This leaves the cool chanting in the background until the battle begins.

Above Venom (Course 2): You only have to beat ONE of the Metal Smasher halves to defeat it. Focus your shots on any half until it's gone. Without the other side, the remaining half is pretty useless--it just spins a bit to let out the Galactic Rider before spontaneously exploding (and it still has half its energy bar!).

Ending (all courses): Wait ten minutes on the final "The End" screen after beating the game on any course to hear the "StarFox theme" melody repeat 8 times.

Map Screen: Wait long enough and a shooting star will fly by from the top right to the bottom left corner of the screen. It temporarily changes the angle of the "lighting" on the planets, but seems to have no other purpose.

Stage Intros: Wait too long on the stage introduction screens and the game will continue for you. If you're looking for a snack, then, do it on the map screen!

Fortuna: Most of the giant dragonflies who are feeding on nectar will attack you, but occasionally they won't even notice you and you can get by easily.

Camera Angles: After defeating some of the major bosses in the game like the Core Base or the Spinning Core, try zooming off (using the booster) to any extreme side of the flight corridor. Occasionally, when the game takes control of your ships and starts the stage-ending sequence, the camera angles will be off by a little bit.

Explosions: At least a couple of minor enemies spontaneously explode without taking hits. One enemy is on Corneria, course 2, and another is on Macbeth's ceiling. This is just a minor observation and not a really interesting trick, though.

Sector Z: Watch as the final space station of Sector Z explodes. Keep your eye on it and as it reaches the upper right corner of the screen you'll see the image of Macbeth under the explosion! This is undoubtedly a glitch! Unless, of course, you assume the plasma from the explosion is reflective...

Saving Shields: It's not often I see this happen, but if your timing is just right and you begin to lose your extra shields just as the Atomic Base bosses explode it's possible to still keep your shields for the next stage!

The Awesome Black Hole: To get to the Awesome Black Hole, go to the Level 1 Asteroid Belt and wait for the spinning asteroid chains. The chains are composed of several grey, unbreakable asteroids surrounding a central brown asteroid which CAN be broken. Hit this central asteroid and fly through the space where it was. Do this for all three chains. To increase your chances of success, wait until the asteroids are close to you, though it's more likely you'll take some damage when the grey asteroids are released. If you're successful, you'll see a "laughing asteroid." Shoot it until it reveals the entrance to the black hole, then fly in! The Black Hole is a space graveyard, but there is a one-up and some miscellaneous power ups. To leave, fly through one of the circles and you'll warp to an advanced stage on one of the three courses.

Out of This Dimension: To find the hidden stage, go to the Asteroid Belt on Course 3. Not too far into the stage you'll find a large, dark asteroid toward the right side of the screen. Keep shooting this asteroid until it explodes. An egg will fly back and hatch into a bird. Fly into the bird to go to the secret stage. YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THIS STAGE! Watch out for the origami and paper airplanes, and go for 777 on the slot machine. You'll still be flying when the credits roll! And after the credits, a scrambled "The End" will appear. Shooting each letter will send it back in a random position. Getting all the letters oriented correctly will start the game over again--and again--and again, ad infinitum. But watch out for the random enemies who will shoot at--and crash into--the letters to scramble them up again!

Flip Objects: On the continue screen (you need at least 10,000 for one continue, 30,000 for another, and 50,000 for a third, but just get 100% on the first stage and crash all your ships to try this trick out pretty fast) don't press start. Use controller 2 to cycle through alot (but not all) of the models in the game. On controller 1 the directional control pad lets you spin the models. One button lets you stop them, another lets you make "arrays" of them, and L and R let you zoom in and out. This is the StarFox version of the classic SGI "Flip Objects" demo.

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