StarFox: People Behind the Screens

StarFox and the Super FX coprocessor that powered it were the works of many talented individuals. These days it seems like Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto gets all the attention, so this page is dedicated to everyone who made them possible.


Nintendo Co., Ltd. The parent company of Nintendo of America
Nintendo of America Nintendo of America, publisher of Nintendo Power magazine. NOA shipped StarFox to stores at record rates in 1993.
Argonaut Argonaut, a U.K. firm, did much of the early work on the Super FX coprocessor and Star Fox's programming.
Ben Cheese Electronic Design Ben Cheese did the actual hardware Super FX implementation for Nintendo and Argonaut.
ARC International ARC International isn't really related to the Super FX, but the success of that chip spawned this one (much as how the ARM [originally "Acorn RISC Machines" according to Byte magazine years ago] is different from, but somewhat inspired by, the 6502 used in the Acorn).
Actel According to Ben Cheese's web site, the Super FX was prototyped using FPGAs ("Field Programmable Gate Arrays") from Actel.


Ben Cheese Mr. Cheese designed the physical hardware for the Super FX chip, implementing what Argonaut wanted the chip to be able to do in actual circuitry. You can stop by his site, Ben Cheese Electronic Design.
Richard Clucas Richard Clucas was involved with the ARC processor. You can see a picture of him (and get an idea of how successful the Super FX was) at ARC's corporate information page.
Dylan Cuthbert Mr. Cuthbert, one of the StarFox programmers, has since moved on to Sony Computer Entertainment. He also worked on Lunar Chase for Game Boy years ago. This information was presented in the Dylan Cuthbert interview mentioned on the main page.
Giles Goddard Giles Goddard was another of the StarFox programmers. Mr. Goddard left Argonaut to work for Nintendo and has since worked on projects for the Nintendo64, including The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Hajime Hirasawa Hajime Hirasawa was the main composer for StarFox. (Koji Kondo only did the sound effects for that game). Judging from the aforementioned interview with Dylan Cuthbert, he has evidently left Nintendo. Too bad; the wonderful mix of sci-fi atmosphere and symphonic style in StarFox makes it one of my all-time favorite soundtracks!
Takaya Imamura Mr. Imamura was involved with StarFox and StarFox 64. As far as I know he is still employed at Nintendo.
Benimaru Itoh Mr. Itoh wrote and illustrated the StarFox comic series presented in Nintendo Power volumes 45 through 55. Evidently he still works for Nintendo since his name also made the credits to StarFox 64!
Koji Kondo Mr. Kondo, celebrated Nintendo composer, worked on the music for StarFox 64 and the sound effects for StarFox.
Dan Owsen Dan performed many of the voice samples for the American version of StarFox.
Pete Warnes and Carl Graham These two names are credited in StarFox and Vortex under "3D System." Evidently some basic graphic drawing routines for the Super FX.
Krister Wombell Krister Wombell was the third main programmer for StarFox.
Yoichi Yamada According to Dylan Cuthbert, Mr. Yamada made level designs for StarFox.