Have you ever flown an Arwing?

From April 30 to May 2, 1993, Nintendo of America sponsored the Super StarFox Weekend Competition in over 2000 retail outlets across America.

The contest was held on special "competition edition" StarFox game paks. The games had modified stages and scoring as well as a four-minute timer. Every participant received a lapel pin. High scorers walked away with a tee shirt (over 70,000 points). The top scorer for each store got a black "flight jacket" and was entered in a nationwide contest. The grand prize was a trip for four to one of four destinations around the world.

As for the game itself, the stages were shorter and included:

  • Corneria with the Attack Carrier as the boss
  • Asteroid Belt with the Rock Crusher as the boss
  • A long space stage filled with rings.
    When time ran out a big picture of Slippy filled the screen followed by a screen with your score.

    Super StarFox Weekend Strategies

    Incidentally, sometime around April, 1999, someone tried to sell a flight jacket from this contest on eBay for a minimum of $1,000 (a rediculously high price. Even $100 is about the maximum limit I'd consider for that thing, which, as I recall, wasn't exactly ultra-high quality.). If you're looking for them, then, don't give up hope!

    Super SF Weekend Pak Nintendo of America did offer these cartridges for sale in their first Super Power Supplies Catalog, and they do turn up in occasional online auctions. Original price: $45