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The Personalized Star Fox Comic

Personalized Star Fox Comic

In 1993 Nintendo of America offered its first Super Power Supplies Catalog. In addition to the Super Star Fox Weekend game pak there was a Star Fox teeshirt and a page of a "personalized" Star Fox comic. Unfortunately, just as I missed out on the game pak I also missed out on these products (though the teeshirt and lapel pins from the contest are some consolation). The picture you see here is what they showed in the catalog, and the summary is as follows:

General Pepper: "Hey, McCloud, who's the rookie?"

Fox McCloud: "Pepper, meet Jeremy Smith from New Jersey. He's the newest member of the team."

Pepper: "Welcome to the team, Jeremy! We can always use another ace against Andross."

Fox: "He can fly circles around any imperial fighter. Show him, kid!"

Pepper: "This kid from New Jersey is definitely a star, Fox!"

Fox: "A pilot worth his salt, Pepper!"

Fox: "Race you back to headquarters, Jeremy!"

If anyone has this personalized comic, which was supposedly framed, please let me know. I have seen a scanned image of one once with text slightly different from the lines in the catalog. Looking back I wish I had ordered all of these things from the catalog. Being a Star Fox member would be a great honor and fun to read!

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