Fixing a clock radio saying "1P:G8" or "IP:G8"?

GE 7-4612B clock radio showing "1P:G8" or "IP:G8" instead of time.
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This stupid "fixya" website claims to have a way to post answers anonymously, but apparently it doesn't work. Since the internet is NOT supposed to be full of these aggravating gated communities, I'm posting the real fix here instead. I'm not signing up for another stupid website just to answer someone else's question.

GE clock radios frequently used the Texas Instruments TMS3450NL chip to operate the clock. The "1P:G8" or "IP:G8" error code is NOT documented in the datasheet for this chip. I could speculate all day on what it stands for. "Internal protection gate"? "Current protection gate"? In any event, the error is unlikely to be a chip fault. It's warning you something else is wrong on the board. I just fixed one of these exact GE 7-4612B units by replacing all 9 of the electrolytic capacitors on the board. Realistically, as long as nothing is burnt out, none of the other parts are prone to spontaneous failure over time except those cannister-shaped capacitors.

The GE unit uses these 9 electrolytics, all radial lead through-hole and all easily replaced by anyone good at soldering.
1 1000uF 16V capacitor (10 mm diameter or less)
1 0.47uF 50V capacitor
3 4.7uF 50V capacitors
1 220uF 16V capacitor (8 mm diameter or less)
1 2.2uF 50V capacitor
1 100uF 10V capacitor
1 10uF 50V capacitor

2 of them will require you to unscrew the plastic tuner dial. Make note of the direction of this dial's arrow so you can return it to its proper orientation when you reassemble it.

Other clock radio models will probably need a different set of capacitors. Check yours before ordering from my list.

And of course it goes without saying that electrolytic capacitors need to be replaced in the correct orientation.

For reference, the datasheet is here.